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教父 2 (1974)


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The Godfather: Part II
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标题:教父 2 (1974)
上映日期: Dec 20, 1974 (United States of America)
片长: 202分钟
类型: 剧情, 犯罪
主演: Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro, John Cazale, Talia Shire
情节: 影片主要講述第二代教父麥克·柯里昂的奮鬥歷程,同時回憶了第一代教父維多·柯里昂創業的艱辛,反映了不同歷史時期,兩代教父的事業、家庭生活。 麥克為兒子托尼舉行聖餐儀式和慶祝活動的當夜,麥克在家中遭到襲擊,兇手被人滅口,面臨接管家族事業以來的重重危機,麥克回憶起了父親維多·柯里昂年輕時在美國的創業歷程。 麥克一邊調查襲擊的真相,一邊繼續開展賭博、酒店等生意,和另一個黑幫人物海門羅斯鬥智斗勇,不斷擴大勢力。 終於,麥克的不法行為引起了政府的關注,麥克受到一系列的指控;同時,麥克的家庭也遇到了危機,夫妻感情瀕臨破裂;而最讓麥克痛心的,卻是家族中,親人的背叛。和第一代教父其樂融融的家庭生活比起來,麥克無疑很失敗。 麥克怎麼樣面對事業、家庭的雙重危機?為什麼兩代教父會有截然不同的家庭生活?讓我們自己在影片中尋找答案

来自的评论 jkbbr549


"This is by far the greatest movie of all time! Even better than the first Godfather!"

Matthew Dixon

来自的评论 Matthew Dixon

Matthew Dixon

"Worthy sequel to the first movie. In something more meditative and unhurried, in something more philosophically meaningful than its legendary predecessor. Backstage games and backstage talks replaced the dramatic mood swings of the main characters and the exchange of fire. The second film continues the story of Michael Carleone in the role of the Godfather, and also complements the family story with scenes of the formation of the young Vito Andolini and his escape to America. The difficult choice of being young Don, his sphere of expansion of influence opens up new heights and horizons, but also acquires new enemies. Big money and power always keep pace with great temptation, and therefore you should always keep your ears open. After all, the knife in the back can insert exactly the one from whom you do not expect ..."

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